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#TheWaterFight: WaterAid’s Campaign for Clean Water

Glastonbury is here again! The annual festival features a starry line-up of bands and musicians who are guaranteed to draw the crowds. Somerset’s fields are awash with colourful, tightly-packed tents and yurts as far as the eye can see. Often mud-drenched and raining, Glastonbury is an institution amongst festival-goers, with tickets selling out within minutes […]


Why Choose Nexus Hygiene?

Who do you trust? When it comes to choosing who you work with, trust is an an essential part of that choice, but hard to demonstrate. We know that bad customer experiences lead to negative public perception of companies: you’ve only to look at the recent fiasco when United Airlines’ policy of ‘re-accomodating’ passengers lead to a serious […]

To Flush or Not to Flush? That is the Question!

Let’s talk toilets. It’s definitely not a sexy subject, however, it’s an essential one. Following last week’s Water Saving Week, we’ve been thinking about the questions we’re asked the most and a common one is: What Can I Flush Down The Toilet? The Water Industries Act 1991 states that: “No item should be flushed that could cause […]


Mats: Improving Floor Hygiene

Mats Studies have shown that up to 70% of dirt on floors within businesses or establishments is actually brought in via people’s feet. That’s a lot of potential mess and bacteria to spread around a building, if it is allowed to walk-in without a barrier. You can help to reduce the need for heavy floor cleaning in […]

Business Benefits of Washroom Services

First impressions last! Have you ever walked into a washroom and an awful smell is the first thing you immediately notice? The impression of a clean and hygienic washroom must be a major priority for any business or organisation that hopes to to present a professional and lasting positive image. Clean and well-supplied washrooms are also […]


Waste Transfer Notes: All You Need To Know

Waste Transfer Notes: What Are They and What Do They Do? Waste Transfer Notes: A document that details the transfer of controlled waste from one site to another. You must ensure that every consignment of controlled waste that you receive or pass to others is covered by a Waste Transfer Note. All controlled waste must have a Waster […]

Washroom Hygiene: The Elephant in the Room?

What do your business or premises washrooms look like? What would be the first thing a customer or client notices, upon entering the washroom? Survey A survey of over 1000 adults conducted in the USA, found that 94% of the respondents would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty washrooms. Survey respondents […]

Blade Dryers, Warm Air Dryers or Paper Towels?

  This week, The Guardian published an article on the battle between the mighty blade style hand dryer and paper towels in public washrooms and workplaces. The article stems from a recently published piece of research from The Journal of Applied Microbiology. They focussed on the comparison between a warm air dryer, a jet air dryer […]