Environmental Policy

environmental policy


Offensive Waste Policy

Nexus Hygiene Ltd have a company environmental policy to incinerate all sanitary bin waste and clinical waste that we remove from our customers’ premises. Regrettably, the vast majority of this type of waste collected by other hygiene companies is regularly sent to land-fill, simply because it is cheaper to do so.

Although it is perfectly legal to land-fill offensive waste into approved sites, we strongly believe it is environmentally unacceptable. We take our responsibility seriously to provide the best and safest disposal methods possible, whilst being as considerate to the environment as possible.

General Waste Policy

All of the general waste that Nexus Hygiene Ltd produces as a business is always separated and sent for recycling wherever possible. We employ the services of a professional waste contractor, to remove and recycle any remaining waste.

Motor Vehicles

We are actively looking to reduce harmful emission outputs on all of our future vehicle purchases, and to maximise miles-per-gallon figures throughout our fleet.